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Orente (Video and music review)

Neat with lyrics and full of ideas are just a few things that describes YBNL’s smash signing Adekunle Gold. He took us away with Sade. I remember hearing sade and getting in sync with its lyrics almost immediately. Sade to me was an instant like. Well, this review is not about sade, it is about his latest hit ORENTE!

To be honest, the first time I plugged in my earphones to listen to Orente I did not particularly like it, I guess it sounded sluggish to me. It was not until I saw the video that the significance of the song struck me.

Orente refers to a lady who is not bothered by the fact that her partner is not all that “boxed up” (meaning not wealthy). Orente preaches that girls should go after love in a man not love in his money. As simple as this lesson is , it is one many of our young ladies fail to take heed too. They are too concerned with finding financial security in a guy before agreeing to getting into a relationship. 
Love is now like a radio set that only functions with money as battery.

The simple truth most ladies fail to realise or pay attention to is that a guy would value you more if you truly love him regardless of what his bank account says, and it is better to struggle together and make it with your man rather than waiting for a man that has already made it. Believe it or not, chances are highest that a man you struggled with will value you more than a man who you met already made. The deal is that most people like their cake already served, they don’t want to through the stress of baking.

The song teaches that couples do not need money to have peace of mind and enjoy all the beautiful  feelings that accompany being loved.
Favorite part of the song : I really loved the beginning of the song with the guitar  instrumentals! What a beautiful  way to start up a song!

Orente (The video )

The video is simply beautiful! These days you would notice that most of our Nigerian Artistes are going out of the country to shoot their videos, so it is very refreshing to find that this one was shot in Nigeria and displays some really enthralling scenery.

The girl who posed as Orente in the video is right on as she justifies the title “Orente” very well. The background scenery in the video is also really captivating. It shows Adekunle and Orente goofing aroung and tugging at each other and purely having fun in spite of the fact that things are not going too well financial wise, but nothing will steal their joy.

I also liked the attention that was paid to adekunle and Orente’s costume as they were not too flashy since they were not so wealthy. The video quality is also spot on. Nice imagery!

Favorite  part: The part Adekunle and his Orente were goofing around was cool but my best part would be the part when a guy was trying to pick up our orente in hi  ride and Adekunle whisked her away with his hands while walking away to the amusement of our ”Dorobucci” in the ride.
Tune in to Vexscheworld next wednesday  as we put another  song under our lenses!

Review by @koladePelumi for the @vexscheworld review panel

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